An insurance company with a sustainability strategy

Sustainable Insurance Model by Techafull: Your Insurance for a Sustainable Future

At Techafull, we believe that insurance can be more than just a shield. We have a mission that goes beyond conventional insurance coverage: We actively advocate for the environment and a sustainable future. Learn more about our sustainability strategy and our unique partnerships.

Our Sustainability Strategy:

Planting for the Future: As part of our commitment to the environment and climate protection, we have initiated the ongoing campaign "Trees for Your Future." For every new customer choosing insurance with us, we collaborate with PLANT-MY-TREE® to plant a tree in Germany. This is more than just a symbolic gesture – it is an active contribution to the preservation of our nature.

-A tree for every new customer -With a personalized tree certificate -A tree for eternity in Germany

Ethical Responsibility: We are dedicated to integrating ethical principles into our insurance products. We believe that insurance should align with our values. At Techafull, you will find insurance solutions that not only protect you but also our planet.

Transparency and Ethics: Our insurance products are not only transparent but also ethical. We place great importance on ensuring that our customers know exactly what they are getting into. No hidden fees, no complicated clauses – just clear, ethical insurance.

Digital Efficiency: We embrace cutting-edge technology to make our insurance processes more efficient and environmentally friendly. With Techafull, you can conveniently manage your insurances online, anytime and anywhere.

Check our prices now and plant your tree.

Our Collaboration with PLANT-MY-TREE®:

Our partnership with PLANT-MY-TREE® is a key element of our sustainability strategy. Together, we are committed to the preservation and reforestation of forests in Germany. Here are some details about our planting and care standards:

-Areas owned by the non-profit foundation: Most of our plantings take place on lands owned by the non-profit foundation (

-Diverse mixed forest: Our projects are designed to promote biodiversity. We carefully select tree species to create a diverse mixed forest.

-Transparency and traceability: Each project is provided with geocoordinates, allowing you to track the exact location.

-High-quality saplings: We use saplings grown in German nurseries, typically 3-5 years old and 80-110 cm tall.

-Proper preparation: Our areas are meticulously prepared, including gentle fencing to protect young trees from wildlife browsing.

-In-house experts: Planting is carried out by our own experienced staff with comprehensive expertise.

-Long-term care: After planting, we provide intensive care for the trees over several years before the projects transition into the long-term care of the foundation.

Transparent environmental protection is crucial. PLANT-MY-TREE® was successfully recertified by TÜV Rheinland in early 2023 according to DIN ISO 9001:2015

With Techafull, you are not just choosing an insurance; you are also entering into a partnership that actively advocates for the environment and climate protection. Join Techafull today and become part of our mission for a greener future.

Support us and plant a tree for eternity:

Join Techafull today and become part of our mission for a greener future. Compare our products on our website now, simply choose the right plan, and insure yourself with Techafull. At the same time, with your decision to choose us, you are protecting our shared future and the environment.

Support us, and together we will plant trees that stand for eternity.

Check our prices now and plant your tree.

If, after completing your insurance, you would like to add additional trees to the one we planted, to further support our campaign and the environment, you can do so through our community link here.

For these additional trees, you will also receive your personalized tree certificate. *The ongoing campaign is limited until the end of 2023. Future insurances can be taken out in 2023, allowing you to secure your tree.

This offer is only valid for purchases directly through our website. Not combinable with distribution partners or other promotions.

Tree planting occurs after the start of your insurance and according to planting conditions.