About Us

Let's multiply the benevolence together...

To provide quality service and responsibility to its customers, suppliers and society with our fair, transparent, reliable, innovative and dynamic corporate values.

  • Socially Responsible

    All of our products and services are environmentally friendly, completely paperless and digital. On behalf of the pool participants, we consider the remaining balance in the pool at the end of the term as a donation to increase the goodness and benevolence.

  • People-Oriented

    We strive to design all steps in a people-oriented way, from product development to our purchasing and damage handling processes. As Techafull, we are always working to provide easier and simpler service to our customers with ongoing improvements.

  • Being Innovative

    Instead of the complex processes and pages of policy texts of conventional insurance services, we design all our processes digitally and simply. Thanks to our business model, we make our customers share in the goodness to be done the people around them while enjoying insurance against risks.

  • Reliable

    As a member of Kuveyttürk Finance Group, we provide reliable service to our customers with our strong capital and corporate infrastructure. We fulfill our commitments toward our customers completely and on time with all our company employees and business partners.

  • Dynamic

    With our young and fast structure, we adapt to changing social and economic conditions thanks to our innovative business model. We are constantly improving and developing our products and services in line with changing needs.

  • Our Mission

    Being Europe's first digital Islamic Insurer and the leading Islamic insurtech.

Techafull Techafull Gıf

Neova Techafull GmbH was established as a subsidiary of Neova Participation Insurance, a member of Kuveyt Türk Finance Group. Established in Berlin in November 2021 as Europe's first digital islamic insurance company, Techafull aims to extend the privileges made available to its customers and its socially responsible mission across Europe. Since its establishment, Techafull has been developing partnerships and cooperations to bring the «Easy, Simple, Full Digital and Socially Responsible» insurance experience to more people and countries. Considering the rapidly changing environmental factors and customer needs, the Techafull team aims to provide the highest quality service with continuous improvements thanks to its dynamic and innovative business model.

Our Team

  • Metin Yücel

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mehmet İLGAR

    Chief Information Officer

  • Yusuf Acar

    Insurance Sales Specialist

  • Nezir ERDOGAN

    Marketing & Channel Development Director

Techafull Permit Certificate

Permit Certificate

Our products and services comply with Islamic Principles.

Techafull Members of Ethics Council

Members of Ethics Council

We receive service from the Ethics Council, which consists of members who are experts in the field of fiqh.

Techafull Ethics Council Reports

Ethics Council Reports

The activities of the Ethics Council are regularly reported on an annual basis.


Techafull Certificate of Authorization


Prof. Dr. M. Abdurrezzak TABTABAEI

Chairman of the Ethics Council


Ethics Council Member

Usama A. Hadı Hamza