Cancellation of the Previous Insurance

It's so easy to cancel your current insurance and switch to Techafull!

Will Techafull cancel my previous insurance for me?

Unfortunately, due to legal regulations, we are unable to cancel your previous insurance on behalf of you or other customers. As the policyholder, you have to cancel your previous insurance . You can download a cancellation form, complete all required fields, sign the document, and send it by registered mail with return receipt to the corresponding insurer.

Do I need to wait until my previous insurance is cancelled to buy a Techafull policy?

No, you can easily receive your new policy from Techafull with a future date, without having to wait for the cancellation of your previous insurance.

Can I receive a reminder email or phone call in order to cancel my previous insurance?

Yes, if you would like to receive a reminder email or phone call, please send an email to

Are you having trouble filling out the cancellation form?

To get assistance, you can contact us by phone or email.