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Standart Full Comfort
Personal injury and damage to private property EUR 10.000.000 EUR 50.000.000 EUR 20.000.000
Financial losses EUR 10.000.000 EUR 50.000.000 EUR 20.000.000
Stays abroad Europe - 3 years, Worldwide - 2 years Europe - unlimited, Worldwide - 5 years Europe - unlimited, Worldwide - 2 years
Market guarantee - -
Performance guarantee
Vested rights guarantee - -
Damage or destruction of movable property hired or borrowed - EUR 100.000 EUR 10.000 (SB EUR 150)
Loss of foreign private keys EUR 15.000 EUR 100.000 EUR 50.000
Loss of foreign professional keys - EUR 100.000 EUR 50.000
Bad debt cover EUR 10.000.000; minimum damage EUR 5,000 (excluding animals, wilful intent and motor vehicles) EUR 50.000.000; no minimum damage (excluding animals, wilful intent and motor vehicles) EUR 20.000.000; minimum damage EUR 2,500 (excluding animals, wilful intent and motor vehicles)
Damage caused by children incapable of tort (under 7 years) EUR 5.000 EUR 50.000.000 EUR 50.000
Letting of condominiums - EUR 50.000.000 - up to 3 condominiums EUR 20.000.000 - 1 condominium
Damage caused by Internet usage EUR 150.000 (only within Europe) EUR 50.000.000 EUR 200.000
New value compensation - EUR 3.000 -
Risk Carrier: Element Insurance AG (


  • Is the damage caused by my child also covered?

    The family tariff also includes insurance cover for your children if they live in your household - regardless of how old they are. Your children are also insured if they are unmarried and are still in school or immediately following professional training. Insurance cover also exists if an apprenticeship is immediately followed by a course of study. After completion of the initial school or professional training, the insurance cover remains in force for a maximum of one year if your children are unemployed immediately following this training or if a waiting period occurs.

  • What about Drones?

    Drones (helicopters, Quadro copters, etc.) with a maximum flying weight of 2 kg or motor-driven model aircraft whose flying weight does not exceed 500 g are also insured in the Comfort and Full tariffs. The Comfort tariff has a sublimit of 10,000 EUR for drones, the Full tariff does not.

  • Is the key loss covered?

    Yes, the costs resulting from the loss of private keys belonging to others are covered. For example, if you lose the key to your rented flat, the costs for replacing the lock or locking system are covered. Depending on the tariff variant, compensation limits of up to 15,000 EUR (Standard), 50,000 EUR (Comfort) or 100,000 EUR (Full) apply. In the Comfort and Full tariffs, insurance cover is also provided up to the above-mentioned amounts if you lose keys that were given to you by your employer in the course of your work.

  • Which animals are covered?

    Insured are tame pets (e.g. cats, rabbits), tamed small animals (e.g. songbirds, parrots, hamsters,) and bees. In the Comfort and Full tariffs, also guide dogs for the blind and disabled as well as wild small animals (e.g. snakes, spiders, scorpions) are insured - provided that they are kept in accordance with legal and official requirements. In the Comfort tariff a sublimit of 10,000 EUR applies to wild small animals.

  • Which occupational groups have «special benefits»?

    There is a special tariff for members of the public service or civil servants. The latter pay a lower premium. The scope of benefits of the private liability insurance does not differ.

  • Does it cover the damages incurred in the house I rented?

    Yes, damage to rented property is insured. Depending on the tariff with different compensation limits. The insurance covers not only damage to the rented flat or house, but also damage to movable furnishings in holiday accommodation.

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