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Comfort Full
Search, rescue, transport and retrieval costs EUR 50.000 EUR 1.000.000
Costs for cosmetic operations including dental treatment, dentures and dental laboratory costs EUR 50.000 EUR 1.000.000
Immediate payment in case of serious injuries EUR 10.000 EUR 20.000
Damage to health due to increased exertion and personal movement
Sunburn or sunstroke -
Disturbed consciousness due to heart attack, stroke or medication
Accidents due to cardiovascular disorders and fainting spells -
Inclusion of infectious diseases ✓ (only tetanus and rabies) ✓ (incl. 29 defined infectious diseases)
Allergic reactions to insect bites or other skin or mucous membrane injuries -
Deadline for medical diagnosis/notification of disability following an accident 24 Months 36 Months
Helmet bonus - Plus 25 % disability benefit; max. EUR 50.000
Vested Rights Guarantee -
Risk Carrier: Element Insurance AG (


  • Which situations can be defined as accidents?

    In principle, an insured accident occurs when the insured person involuntarily suffers a health impairment as a result of a sudden external event (accident event). In addition, we also provide benefits for other involuntary health impairments such as certain poisonings, frostbite or damage caused by increased exertion and accidents as a result of certain disorders of consciousness. These are only examples. You can find the exact scope of benefits in the conditions.

  • Are the accidents in my overseas travel included?

    Yes, insurance cover exists worldwide and around the clock.

  • What is the maximum amount of compensation for Personal Accident Insurance?

    The amount of the insurance benefit depends on the selected disability sum as well as the agreed progression. In addition, the sum you receive in the event of an accident depends on your degree of disability.

  • Are post-accident plastic surgery costs covered?

    Yes, also cosmetic surgery (including dental treatment) that is necessary due to an insured accident is also covered

  • Are damages from the Covid-19 vaccine covered?

    Yes, vaccination damage (in general) is also insured.

  • Are funeral expenses covered?

    Not in general. A death benefit (analogous to the other selectable modules daily hospital allowance, daily allowance, etc.) can be concluded. In this case, the named heirs receive the selected sum in the event of the death of the insured person.

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