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Standard Full Comfort
Gross negligence: causing the insured event 10.000 EUR Complete sum insured Complete sum insured
Gross negligence: violation of obligations/safety regulations - Complete sum insured 5.000 EUR
Overvoltage damage 5.000 EUR Complete sum insured Complete sum insured
Theft from motor vehicle - Sum insured without night-time clause - motor vehicle trailers, roof boxes (Europe-wide) and valuables are excluded EUR 2.500 without night-time clause (within Germany), valuables are excluded
Pickpocketing (outside the insured property) - EUR 2,500, cash up to EUR 250 EUR 2,500, cash up to EUR 250, fair value replacement for electronic devices (EUR 150 deductible)
Cheque and credit card fraud after burglary - 5.000 EUR 2.500 EUR
Phishing damages - 5.000 EUR 2.500 EUR
Hotel expenses 100 EUR/Tag, max. 100 Tag EUR 200 a day, max. 365 days EUR 200 a day, max. 200 days
Storm and hail damage on private property - Complete sum insured 2.500 EUR
External Insurance 20 % sum insured, 3 months 100 % sum insured, 12 months 50 % sum insured, 6 months
Sports equipment permanently stored outside insured home - 5.000 EUR 2.500 EUR
Valuables 20 % sum insured 40 % sum insured 30 % sum insured
Precautionary insurance for children (managing their own household) - 30 % sum insured, max. 6 months after moving out -
Market Guarantee - -
Vested Rights Guarantee - -
Future improvements
Optional: Bicycle theft, Glass breakage, Elementary insurance Eligible Eligible Eligible
Risk Carrier: Element Insurance AG (element.in)


  • Are mobile phones also covered by insurance?

    Yes, all phones in the household are insured against the insured risks. If a phone is damaged, e.g. due to a fire, or stolen in a burglary, it will be reimbursed. Pure breakage or simple loss are not covered, however.

  • Will my Home Content insurance continue if I move?

    If the policyholder changes the flat, the insurance cover is transferred to the new flat. During the change of residence, insurance cover exists in both flats. The insurance cover in the previous flat expires at the latest three months after the start of the move.

  • What are the contents of Insured Costs?

    In addition to the actual property damage, additional costs are often incurred even in the case of minor damage. The household insurance does not leave you in the lurch here either. It covers numerous costs, such as damage mitigation costs, clean-up costs, hotel costs, transport and storage costs if the flat is uninhabitable and things have to be moved out, lock change costs if a key to the flat is lost due to an insured event, as well as security costs if the flat cannot be locked due to damaged doors and windows, or alternatively costs for temporary repairs if this serves to protect the household effects. These and other costs are precisely defined in the conditions.

  • What additional options are there for home content insurance?

    You can extend your insurance cover with the following modules:

    -Extended natural hazards (elementary): Damage due to flooding and backwater (also as a result of heavy rain), earthquake, subsidence, landslide, snow pressure, avalanches and volcanic eruption. -Bicycle theft: Your bicycle is covered by the home content insurance against burglary from the insured dwelling (incl. cellar). To be insured against simple theft when you are on the road, you need this additional module. -Glass protection: With this additional module, you can insure all glass in your household (except hollow glass such as vases, lamps and drinking glasses) against glass breakage of any kind.

  • Do I have to have a smoke and heat detector installed in order to get home content insurance?

    Smoke detectors save lives, so we recommend installing them. However, this is not a precondition for insurance cover.

  • Can I get Home Content insurance even if I am not a homeowner?

    Yes, of course. The Home content insurance protects your household effects - regardless of whether you are the tenant or the owner of the insured dwelling.

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