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Bike-Assistance (e.g. Roadside Assistance)

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Accident and Fall/Drop Damages

Electronic Damages

Battery & Motor Wear

Wear and Tear of Certain Bicycle Parts

Extract From The Coverage Concept

Standart Full Comfort
Theft Protection - ✓ for bicycle, baggage and accessories -
Accidental Damage
Fall or Drop Damage
Improper Usage, Operating Errors
Moisture Damage to Battery, Motor and Control Devices
Wear and Tear (only for bikes under 5 years old) (only for Battery and Motor)
Carbon Bikes (Parts and Frame) Only Carbon Parts
Repair Approval without Cost Estimate ✓ unless cost exceed €500 ✓ unless cost exceed €500 ✓ unless cost exceed €500
Elemental Dangers (Storm, Hail, Flood, Landslides, Avalanche)
Electronic Damage (Short Circuit, Induction, Overvoltage) to Battery, Motor and Control Devices)
Defined Accessories and Baggage Coverage 30% of the Insured Sum, max 1.000€ 100% Insured Sum 100% Insured Sum
Free Choice of Repair Shop
Roadside Assistance - ✓ up to €50 (With «Schutzbrief» Option) ✓ up to €50 (With «Schutzbrief» Option)
24 Hour Service - ✓ (With «Schutzbrief» Option) ✓ (With «Schutzbrief» Option)
Overnight Expenses - ✓ Max.5 nights €80 per night (With «Schutzbrief» Option) ✓ Max.5 nights €80 per night (With «Schutzbrief» Option)
Back & Forth Transportation - ✓ up to €500 (With «Schutzbrief» Option) ✓ up to €500 (With «Schutzbrief» Option)
Replacement Bike - ✓ Max 7 days, €50 per day (With «Schutzbrief» Option) ✓ Max 7 days, €50 per day (With «Schutzbrief» Option)
Max Bicycle Age 5 years 5 years 5 years
Coverage Territory Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
Risk Carrier: Element Insurance AG


  • Do you provide replacement bikes while my bike is in repair?

    You can take advantage of our replacement bike service by adding the «Schutzbrief» service when purchasing your insurance.

  • Is my bike insurance valid abroad?

    Yes, your Techafull bike insurance is valid worldwide.

  • Are my bike accessories also covered?

    Techafull covers all parts that are permanently attached to the bike or pedelec/e-bike (including the battery) and are part of the bike's function, such as the seat, handlebar, lights and trunk, as well as the lock used.

  • Can I insure my old bike?

    You can insure your bikes up to 5 years old with Techafull.

  • Can the engine or battery not working due to moisture be covered by the insurance?

    Yes, we protect you against engine or battery damage caused by moisture with all our tariff options.

  • Do you have a service that I can get 24-hour support in case my bike has a problem?

    By adding the «Schutzbrief» service when purchasing your product, you can benefit from many privileges such as 24-hour assistance, roadside assistance, towing, recovery, round trip, replacement bike, accommodation costs, return transportation of the bike, scrapping the bike, emergency cash.

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